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We are a premier provider of quality Indonesian, Filipino and Cambodian maids.

Srimanisa is an one stop solution provider for maid services. We provides Indonesian, Filipino and Cambodian maids to take care of baby, children, family as well as elderly and sick.


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Reliefs you from stress and tiredness
Promotes good relationship with your family
Quality Indonesian, Filipino, and Cambodian maids
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Maid’s Biodata

My heartiest congratulations on your Agensi Pekerjaan Srimanisa's 40th Year Anniversary. Your perseverance, devotion, excellent and prompt service in adhering to the needs of your clients in obtaining the maids' services is most appreciated. I have been using your Agency on two occasions and on both occasions I found that your trustworthiness, transparency and sincerity in dealing with the process of obtaining foreign maids are to be applauded.

INTAN MOHD AMIN (employer)

I work here 4 years with my employer. My employer is very good they treat me well. I like Srimanisa because all the staff are friendly. To Ma'am Susan and Sir Richard, thank you for the good service.


I apply in this agency Srimanisa since 1995 up to now. I like this agency because they have a good services and all the staff are kind, specially Ma'am Susan, she is the one who went to Bohol in interview. I worked so many years with one employer only. My employer is very kind to me.


Congratulation for the anniversary. I work here as maid for 9 years with the help of this Agensi Srimanisa. My employer is very good employer. Thank you Srimanisa I will proudly introduce this Agency to everybody.


Saya bekerja 11 tahun. Majikan saya selama ini baik dan agensi lagi sangat baik mengurus saya. Terima kasih Ms. Leong dan Ibu Susan kerana menjaga saya. Saya sokong Agensi Srimanisa dengan hati gembira.


Saya sudah bekerja 16 tahun. Masuk Malaysia pada 2001. Thanks so much Agensi ini yang selalu mengurus segala dokumen setiap kali diperlukan oleh Kedutaan Indonesia. Terima kasih buat semua staf yang menolong. Saya amat rekemen dan sokong.


Saya kerja daripada tahun 1999. Saya kerja satu majikan saja dari pertama kali saya datang Malaysia. Melalui Agensi Srimanisa saya jumpa majikan baik ini. Pada permulaan memang susah karena masih tidak biasa dengan suasana negara lain, tapi dengan pertolongan Agensi dan majikan, saya jadi ok. Agensi amat bagus kepada saya kerana dia menjaga dan melindungi saya.